If you give a kid an iPad...

...you may end up with something like this.

Be warned! The following preview may cause you to screeeeam like a leeeetle guurl.


Computer Critters

Meet the newest members of the Sol family. These curious little creatures give the term "computer mouse" a whole new meaning! (Actually they are Dumbo rats, but you get the picture.)

Gee, I wonder if they will log in to Class Connnect too?

Meet Buddy...

and Mikey!

Do not tell Vamp.


Parting Words

Welp, this is it! Tomorrow is the last day of school. I had so much fun teaching Computer Literacy and Image Design this year. What an amazing group of kids! Thanks for laughing at my jokes in Class Connect, submitting AWESOME projects, sending me thoughtful kmails, and working your tails off this semester.

I have a back-log of student projects that I want to share, so check back over the summer and leave comments for your virtual buddies.

Enjoy your summer, learn as much as you can, and always stay true to yourself.

Your fans,
Mrs. Sol & Vamp